Paintbrush for Mac - a solid MacPaint equivalent

Paintbrush for Mac is a nice graphics program just like mspaint on Windows.

Paint does this in a 2.7MB download. I’ve been dying to have a lightweight image program for my Mac (OS X Leopard). I’ve tried Seashore and GIMP but they are too heavy duty for my needs. All I want to do is take a screenshot and circle some stuff. Paint accomplishes this.

Paintbrush on

Use apt-cd for ubuntu cd or dvd repositories

Exactly what I was looking for. Instructions for using an Ubuntu CD/DVD disc as the source for aptitude repositories. I needed it because I don’t have a network connection for my new Ubuntu box right now.

Use apt-cdrom

Simple JSON library for Google App Engine

Taking notes on useful Google App Engine tutorials and articles…

Trying to figure out where JSON or simplejson exists in Google App Engine. The answer is in Using AJAX to enable RPC requests.

from django.utils import simplejson
in the Articles section.
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