iPhone app development: cannot compile with CGRectZero

While trying to teach myself iPhone development I refer to the reference help material a lot. They always want you to use a thing CGRrectZero but you will get this error.

"_CGRectZero", referenced from:
_CGRectZero$non_lazy_ptr in CouponController.o
ld: symbol(s) not found

To fix the error you must add “CoreGraphics” to your frameworks in XCode. To do that right click your “Frameworks” folder, add “Existing Framework”, then find CoreGraphics.framework.



How to show the SMF Ad Management Mod configurations menus

Did you install the Ad management mod for SMF but cannot see options in the admin? You are not alone. It is not your fault.

To show the configuration menu for the ad management module you need to set the main forum language to English not utf8-english. If you use the typical install scripts (i.e. Fantastico) utf8-english is the default option. I doubt any normal person would recognize on his own. If this does not fix your problem refer to this post on the smf ad management module forum


  • login as administrator
  • Go to *Configuration —> Server Settings”
  • look for the Default forum language
  • make sure it is English and NOT utf8-english

For my latest time-wasting project I decided to get away from Drupal for a while in favor of a traditional-looking bulletin board forum. My web host only offers 2 options: phpBB and SMF. Although I know phpBB is the most popular it has many security vulnerabilities that I don’t want to deal with.

Textile Module for Drupal 6

As of this writing the Textile module is not available for Drupal 6. The latest current downloadable version is for Drupal 5.x.

Rather than downloading a full tar or gz file, there is a patch available. Drupal 6 Patch. Here’s how to do it. Works for Linux and Mac

  • Patch the files (cd into your textile dir)

patch textile.info < textile.info_.6.patch
patch textile.install < textile.install.6.patch
patch textile.module < textile.module.6.patch

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