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The plan — integrate RSS feeds into my crappy car website. Re-syndicating many feeds from (List of feeds)


On the Toyota page of my site, display snippets from the Toyota feed.


Mark Pilgrim’s Feed Parser

Django Reader


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Signal that an employee is going to leave your startup - No. 13 Long casual conversations, particularly at coffee shops

Once an employee has determined that he or she is going to leave, the mind begins to wander. Casual conversations that used to last 3-5 minutes around 1 topic turn into 15-20 minute conversations spanning multiple non-work-related topics such as a recent trip to lunch, the state of the economy, or New York Times articles recently read.

When trips to the coffee shop turn into hour-long absences with one or two other employees then you can be pretty sure that the exiting employee has checked out mentally and already told his buddies. Now they’re saying the long goodbye and possible discussing the next company and whether jobs will be opening at the new work place.

Track clicks for Commission Junction using Google Ad Manager

You can track Commission Junction ad clicks using Google Admanager (a.k.a DoubleClick for Publishers or Google DFP). Here’s how.

When gathering banner ads, be sure to choose the “Get HTML” option for your banners.

Copy the HTML.

In Google DFP, create your campaign and get to the “add creative” step.

Choose “Third Party Ad” as the ad type.

Paste the CJ banner HTML into the box.

Google DFP will spin a little and tell you that you need to insert macros.

Find the HREF attribute of the link, insert the appropriate click macro just before the CJ link.

Save the creative and preview.

Click the preview, Google DFP will/should tell you that it successfully tracked your click.

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