Buy used salvage building materials in the bay area

I’m in the process of remodeling a bathroom in the San Francisco Bay Area. An eco-friendly and wallet-friendly way to save a lot of money is to buy recycled building material from a construction salvage store. Most of these stores are non-profits.

The ReUse People in Alameda.

Building REsources in Bayview.

Urban Ore in Berkeley

Habitat for Humanity ReStore (Oakland location)

Driftwood Salvage in San Mateo (for-profit)

Salvage List compiled by Ohmega Salvage

This old house article

I’ve been to Building REsources in Hunter’s Point a few times and have found it to be completely safe during business hours. It’s out in an industrial area several blocks from anything sketchy nearer to the Dogpatch neighborhood.

Debug mobile web apps using weinre

I am using weinre to debug mobile web applications. Using weinre I can inspect the DOM on my mobile Safari browser, change CSS on my iphone, and debug JavaScript.

The setup is slightly complex but once you get it up and running you will love it.

Basic steps:

  1. Install node.js
  2. Install npm
  3. npm install weinre
  4. Run weinre, the boundHost flag is your friend
  5. Open the weinre web server console on your desktop — probably http://localhost:8080 (served by weinre-node server)
  6. Copy the weinre SCRIPT tag into the source of the page that you want to debug. (i.e. to be viewed on your iPhone)
  7. Open the page that you want to debug using your iPhone (or other device)
  1. The HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript are now visible on your desktop browser! You can mess with everything on the remote page as you would with the Chrome/Safari/Webkit web inspector consoles.

Make FQL queries using Facebook Javascript API

This allows me to use the Facebook JavaScript API to make a FQL multi-query.

query = {"query1":"SELECT ...", "query2":"SELECT ....", "queryname":"SELECT ..."};
FB.api(‘/fql’, {‘q’:query}, function (response) {
  // handle response.
  // each named  query will have the name in  the response obj.
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