Use ZBar barcode reader with PhoneGap

ZBar and zxing are two iphone-compatible barcode reader libraries. I figured out how to integrate Zbar with PhoneGap for use as a QR code reader in my PhoneGap iphone application.

The process has a few major steps.

  • Download and install PhoneGap.
  • Setup a PhoneGap application in XCode
  • Download and install Zbar.
  • Follow the Zbar documentation to incorporate the SDK library into your PhoneGap

Using the Git

  • Once you download the Git repository, copy the “ZbarPlug.h” and “ZbarPlug.m” files to the “Plugins” directory in your Xcode project.
  • Copy “ZbarPlug.js” to your Project’s “www” directory.
  • Link to the js file in your “index.html” file. Be sure to put it below the include for phonegap.js
cp ZbarPlug.h /path/to/xcode/project/Plugins
cp ZbarPlug.m /path/to/xcode/project/Plugins
cp ZbarPlug.js /path/to/xcode/project/www
<script type="text/javascript" 

The example pops a javascript alert when a bar code or QR code have been decoded. Now you need to adapt the library to your project.

ZBar Barcode reader / QR code reader code for PhoneGap.