Upgrading Drupal

I was trying to do some real work until I found out that my retardo-blog has been having some issues with PHP. This opened up a giant can of worms because now I want to move off of my shared host.

Get latest version of drupal.

wget http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-X.XX.tar.gz
tar xzf drupal-X.XX.tar.gz
cd drupal-X.XX

Copy the important directories from the old version

cp -r ../original/files .
cp -r ../original/sites .

Backup MySQL

mysqldump -u -p databasename > backup_drupal_X.XX.sql
mysql -u -p databasename < backup_drupal_X.XX.sql #restore

Swap in updated code

mv blog drupal-BACKUP
mv drupal-X.XX blog

Update and migrate system

Now update your modules.

Run update.php again for each module. It’s OK to update the modules in bunches.