New improved google images results

I’m really liking the way that Google improved the Google Images search results. When you click on an image it provides the image as an overlay over the top of the host’s page. I believe that this change has increased pageviews and visits to one of my domains by about 90% per day. That’s good for ads!

xSort free card sorting tool for Mac

xSort for Mac is a great free card sorting application useful for IA exercises. It allows you to graphically sort and group labeled boxes. Experiments are timed and then aggregated into a nice category-tree listing.

A good tool.

User Click Heat Map for PHP

I just installed this ClickHeat application on my server. It’s a simple user click heat map tool to see where visitors are clicking on your site. Visually, it’s easier to read than the Google Analytics heatmap.

This is a poor man’s Crazy Egg. There are other free heatmap tools that use a freemium model (Free to use, Premium versions are more robust).


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