PhoneGap barcode reader plugin using ZXing

Merely a few weeks after I created my ZBar barcode reader plugin for PhoneGap, the user ascorbic added a ZXing-based barcode scanner plugin to the PhoneGap source tree. Talk about timing! If PhoneGap could have pulled that plugin just a month earlier it could have saved me many hours of scouring through PhoneGap and ZBar docs trying to figure out how to make my plugin.

Personally I like his syntax and naming a lot better than the names I chose. I named my stuff kind of dumb because I started it out as a test but when it came time to commit to git I didn’t want to rename the variables at the risk of breaking the code.

nginx caching for wordpress and drupal

Use Boost module for Drupal and then copy some nginx rules.

Wordpress Nginx proxy cache integrator plugin. Rather doing a proxy to Apache, I proxy nginx back to itself on a different port that is running fastCGI for the PHP.

Use ZBar barcode reader with PhoneGap

ZBar and zxing are two iphone-compatible barcode reader libraries. I figured out how to integrate Zbar with PhoneGap for use as a QR code reader in my PhoneGap iphone application.

The process has a few major steps.

  • Download and install PhoneGap.
  • Setup a PhoneGap application in XCode
  • Download and install Zbar.
  • Follow the Zbar documentation to incorporate the SDK library into your PhoneGap

Using the Git

  • Once you download the Git repository, copy the “ZbarPlug.h” and “ZbarPlug.m” files to the “Plugins” directory in your Xcode project.
  • Copy “ZbarPlug.js” to your Project’s “www” directory.
  • Link to the js file in your “index.html” file. Be sure to put it below the include for phonegap.js
cp ZbarPlug.h /path/to/xcode/project/Plugins
cp ZbarPlug.m /path/to/xcode/project/Plugins
cp ZbarPlug.js /path/to/xcode/project/www
<script type="text/javascript" 

The example pops a javascript alert when a bar code or QR code have been decoded. Now you need to adapt the library to your project.

ZBar Barcode reader / QR code reader code for PhoneGap.

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