Building the donor-matic

I just want to get a quick start for a prototype with no intentions for scalability, users, etc.

App Server = Bottle for Python

Template = Mako


jquery 1.7.1 via google CDN
jquery 1.8.16 via google CDN
Ember JS – formerly sproutcore 2

Map Stuff

No database just yet. Want to play with front-end stuff first.

Playing with free Google Map alternatives.

Inspired by a blog on how Nestoria switched from Google Maps to Open Street Map I feel the need to look into the new wave of websites using Open Street Map.

Nestoria switched for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is Google’s decision to charge for use of the Maps API. Nestoria’s new map consists of a combination of Open Street Maps, Mapquest Open Map Tiles, Leaflet and Mapstraction. They also references a developer’s post that has some examples of a free map using Leaflet

Script to get IE9 Windows Virtual PC images into Virtual Box

A charitable soul wrote a bash script that will automagically download Internet Explorer virtual machine images for use with Virtual Box.

Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image

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