Insert html django contrib messages

I wanted to use raw HTML in certain invocations of Django’s Messages architecture such as in messages.success.

When sending your message:

messages.success(request, mark_safe("""Thanks for your purchase. 
     Your <a href="%s">Account &gt; Payment</a>""" 
     % urlresolvers.reverse(‘account_payment_detail’, kwargs = {‘id’})
       ), extra_tags=‘html’)

Modify your Django snippet to skip the web-safe encoding:

{% if ‘html’ in message.tags %}
  {{ message|safe }}
{% else %}
  {{ message }}
{% endif %}

Twitter Bootstrap not working with LESS.js

I was having a problem trying to use “less” (lesscss v1.2.0) with Twitter Bootstrap (v1.4).

I could see LESS pull all the bootstrap *.less files off the server but the CSS would render properly. In many cases it would have the error:

Cannot call method 'slice' of undefined

The reason is a bug in the most recent version of less.js. To resolve the problem I downgraded to “less” v1.1.5


Javascript libs that offer basic subset of jquery features

    param: function () {
      var str = [];
      obj =;
      for(var p in obj)
         str.push(p + "=" + encodeURIComponent(obj[p]));
      return str.join("&");

querystring encoding of a javascript object

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