Textile Module for Drupal 6

As of this writing the Textile module is not available for Drupal 6. The latest current downloadable version is for Drupal 5.x.

Rather than downloading a full tar or gz file, there is a patch available. Drupal 6 Patch. Here’s how to do it. Works for Linux and Mac

  • Patch the files (cd into your textile dir)

patch < textile.info_.6.patch
patch textile.install < textile.install.6.patch
patch textile.module < textile.module.6.patch

Mac: Disable Google App engine auto update

Damn Google App Engine always wants me to do a software update. There are no options to disable the feature and they update the damn thing just about every day. I found some instructions on how to disable Google’s annoying auto update agent. Go to hell auto-updater!

Long story short — look for this file then delete it.


If you want to keep the file follow the instruction on the guy’s website.

The google software update agent

Hide/show table rows using JavaScript

I wanted have a HTML table where toggle the visibility of its rows (TR elements) using display:block. This is wrong. You need to use display:table-row.

Without using the table-row property, the TR will not have the proper column widths. This is a problem when using Firefox or other Gecko-based browser.

Improper vs. Improper way to hide or show a TR element using javascript.

Sample Table

<tr id="showme" style="display:none"> <td>I am in a row</td>

test = document.getElementById("showme"); = ‘block’; //wrong = ‘table-row’; //correct
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