Make FQL queries using Facebook Javascript API

This allows me to use the Facebook JavaScript API to make a FQL multi-query.

query = {"query1":"SELECT ...", "query2":"SELECT ....", "queryname":"SELECT ..."};
FB.api(‘/fql’, {‘q’:query}, function (response) {
  // handle response.
  // each named  query will have the name in  the response obj.

CSS triangles

Good explanation of how to create a triangle using only CSS.

Goes along with this little helper.

OSXFUSE is MacFUSE for Snow Leopard and later

The MacFUSE application is no longer being maintained. The replacement program os OSXFUSE. This package will allow you to use the sshfs filesystem on your Mac.

How to use SSHFS with OSXFUSE

Use in conjunction with MacFusion.

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