Signal that an employee is going to leave your startup - No. 3 Talking with HR about buying options

Have you seen this happen?

An employee who never ordinarily talks to HR or Accounting walks in to the office for “a quick question about buying options.” The HR person then explains the process, the costs involved and so forth.

Say goodbye to your co-worker because in the next few weeks that the employee is preparing to leave for greener pastures.

Apple WWDC 2010 Party List

Appular, an iPhone App publishing company, has a running list of WWDC ’10 parties being held this year. If you know of any parties add them to the list.

WWDC 2010 Party List

Rent vs. Buy a Home Calculator

Should I rent or buy a house? New York Times has the best rent calculator that is easy to understand and doesn’t run you through a wringer trying to get your contact information for a mortgage company.

New York Times: Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Another good one to try is to search rent vs buy on WolframAlpha

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