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Custom Nginx logging format

I’m trying to figure out if my nginx proxy cache is working or not. Reference these pages to hopefully log cache hits and misses.

#I put this in my nginx vhost config file
log_format up_head ‘$remote_addr [$time_local]’ ‘upstream_cache_status $upstream_cache_status’;
#write log using the "up_head" format that I just defined.
access_log /path/to/log/access.log up_head;

Sample log output of the example defined above. [16/Jan/2011:20:22:25 +0000]upstream_cache_status HIT [16/Jan/2011:20:22:26 +0000]upstream_cache_status – [16/Jan/2011:20:22:26 +0000]upstream_cache_status – [16/Jan/2011:20:22:27 +0000]upstream_cache_status HIT [16/Jan/2011:20:22:28 +0000]upstream_cache_status – [16/Jan/2011:20:22:28 +0000]upstream_cache_status – [16/Jan/2011:20:22:45 +0000]upstream_cache_status HIT




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