Learning PhoneGap on iPhone

I’ve been wanting to create an iPhone application for the last few months but I haven’t had the time or the intellect to figure out Objective C. However, I do know a little HTML, javaScript, and other web application related languages.

Enter PhoneGap. PhoneGap is an abstraction layer that allows you to port web applications to be iPhone, Android, and Blackberry native applications with JavaScript and HTML. These web applications can either require connectivity or be standalone applications.

The documentation for PhoneGap is limited and incomplete. I hope to document my experiences with PhoneGap here, so that we can learn how to use PhoneGap together.

The wiki has some simple tutorials but they don’t fully explain how it all works. Building a self-contained Application is the best example I found so far. I hope to add more info here as I learn more about the system.

iPhone app development: cannot compile with CGRectZero

While trying to teach myself iPhone development I refer to the reference help material a lot. They always want you to use a thing CGRrectZero but you will get this error.

"_CGRectZero", referenced from:
_CGRectZero$non_lazy_ptr in CouponController.o
ld: symbol(s) not found

To fix the error you must add “CoreGraphics” to your frameworks in XCode. To do that right click your “Frameworks” folder, add “Existing Framework”, then find CoreGraphics.framework.



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