An extra $200 per month

No, this is not a commercial. Having just blown several thousand dollars on a new car I need to either (a) live more frugally or (b) make more money. These 2, however, are not mutually exclusive.

Since the new car is a hybrid I automatically will be saving a lot of gas money. Let’s break this one down first:

320 miles/week, $4/gallon (let's hope)

New car: 320mi/40MPG = 8 gal/wk * $4/gal * 4wks = $128/mo
Old car: 320mi/18MPG = 18 gal/wk *$4/gal * 4wks = $288/mo
$160/mo saved via gas

Having a second on my insurance costs me an $450/yr. So, I need to come up with ~$40/month to cover the added insurance cost. Leaving me with $120/mo saved in gas after insurance

My goal is to have an $200/month in my bank account, so I need to get an extra $90/month from either frugality or earning power.

I waste a lot of money in discretionary spending: weekends at the bar, dinners, lunch, video games, etc. The largest non-essential spending I do would probably be eating out for lunch at work every day. I’ve been tracking my lunch expenditures near-obsessively almost every day at work since September 2007 (8 months?). These figures are Weekday LUNCH only. I throw away a lot of money at the bars too.

September $164
October $104
November $102
December $72
January $138
February $113
March $98
April $104 (month-to-date)
8-month expense = $895!